if youre an otherkin/therian, please reblog and add your theriotype(s) and/or otherkintype(s) (just because im curious to see more of the community, ive only ever really known one therian and it feels a little lonely)



So this is one of my good friends, his name is Adrian Baine Manley known as Deikitsen Wolfram Lupus. He was in a wolf pack ( they believed they were wolves and when they died, they would come back as wolves) and He was constantly bullied for being the way he was. Adrian was a good person but no one wanted to believe it because of him dressing the way he did, listening to the music he did, the people he hung out with, &  the places he would go were everything everyone believed was the devil and weird.  The news put him & some others in the wolf pack on TV for wearing leashes and wolf tails. September 29, 2010,  He hung himself in his backyard for his mom to later find him.  He killed himself because of all the bulling, he just couldn’t take it anymore. He was 16 years old guys. He didn’t even live his life all the way. How many more kids have to die for any of you guys to understand that what you say and do effects people more then you will ever know. How many more stories will it take for you to understand?

I don’t care what your blog is, you REBLOG this. Reblog this for Adrian.  Reblog this because you have a heart. Please. Show people what they are doing with the words they say to people. Thank you if you actually read this.


The fuck did otherkin and therians even do to deserve this hate like honestly
What did we even do

We didn`t do shit. It was the teen werewolves ;-;



Wanna know what’s hella cool? You. You’re hella cool. Weather you have skin, fur, feathers or scales. No one knows you better than you do. You don’t need to make sense to someone else. Only to yourself. Have a fantastic day! Go do happy kin things!

I love you ;-;