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Anonymous asked:

I was going through your tags list and noticed you reblogged alot of stuff bout teen werewolves. Are you a teen werewolf? Do you know Wolfie Blackheart?


Hello there, dear Anon. :) (I’m glad to see people using the tags. I never know if they’re helpful in any way but I use them all the time for myself XD) Yeah, for a time I did reblog a lot of stuff about ‘teen werewolves’ and other sub-cultures like that but no I’m not one myself. I’m a therian. I used to act like a teen werewolf when I was, well, a teenager. But that was a long time ago. I used to know some people who were friends with Wolfie Blackheart but since he deleted his facebook account and moved back to Myspace I’ve pretty much lost all connection to that sub-culture and to be honest I’m not missing it much XD Wolfie’s still around, despite the rumors of him being dead or killing himself. He’s, from what I’ve been able to uncover, still moving around from state to state and staying with friends in various locations. IDK anything about what’s going on though. He has no real connection to the internet so you just sorta have to take whatever info you find from his peers.

But you can still find fan and support groups for W.B. and the T.W. and therian sub-cultures on facebook. they’re pretty active last I was there. I do still know a lot about the sub-culture if you ever have any questions or curiosities.

Wolfie blackheart is on Instagram and has been for a long time 

The 10 commandments of


2. Eat nothing until they take you to the hospital!

3. Doing sport 3 hours every day!

4. You’re just thin, if you can see all of your bones.

5. If you eat something, you have to make two hours sport, because you’re eat and you don’t have to eat.  

6. Tell everyone how much you eat!

7. Wear close-fitting clothes so that everyone sees your bones.

8. Don’t show someone your real weight.

9. If you hungry, think how fat you are.

10. When someone eats something, feel the disgust that comes over you.


(via because-eating-isnt-very-chanel)
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